Rose Street Project

Essential Edinburgh alongside Edinburgh Council and the Rose Street Businesses plan to transform Rose Street into one of Edinburgh’s “hidden gems”

Rose Street Project

Rose Street Improvement Plan


Essential Edinburgh alongside Edinburgh Council and the Rose Street Businesses worked together to transform Rose Street into one of Edinburgh’s “hidden gems”; welcoming, interesting and always with something going on.

Following a full evaluation carried out by The Princes Trust for the Built Environment Essential Edinburgh consulted with Rose Street businesses to ascertain their views, preferences and key priorities for the transformation of Rose Street.


The Key Priorities were:

  • Creating a traffic management plan that can be easily enforced
  •  Create welcoming and interesting entrances
  •  Establish a year round activity plan
  •  Improve the Public Realm (lighting/street furniture/surfaces)

Traffic Management

  • Establish an optimal traffic plan
  • Establish measures to enforce it (such as the use of Large Planters, trees and  extended outdoor seating)
  • Encourage pedestrians to flow along the full length of Rose Street .

Welcoming and interesting Entrances


  • Create permanent welcome structures at each entranceway of Rose Street
  • Use lighting and other effects to stimulate interest in exploring Rose Street.
  • Work closely with the Traffic Management team to make the footpath at the  entrances to Rose Street (by the crossings at the intersections) interesting and  welcoming.
  • Create a prioritised “top three” plan for the public realm.

Activity Plan

  • Create spaces and facilities to allow entertainment and events to take  place along the length of Rose Street
  • Create a program that gives the street year round appeal, and has a differentiated  offer based on history, the businesses in the street and Edinburgh’s overall  activities.

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