CEO Blog – You have again voted overwhelmingly to back your BID

You have again voted overwhelmingly to back your BID

Thank you for once again voting Essential Edinburgh back in for a further five year term. On 24th May 2018 a total of 91% of votes were YES up from 78% in the renewal ballot in 2013.

This is a resounding endorsement for our work to date and the extensive consultation carried out ahead of the renewal ballot, creating a strong business plan for the next five years. The turnout for the ballot – the number of eligible businesses which cast their votes – was 69%, well ahead of the legally required 25% and up from 58% in the previous renewal ballot in 2013.

Now we are focussed on delivering the new five year business plan, especially those projects timetabled for the first few months including our “BID Cop”, Homelessness Case Workers, George Street Summer Festival Animation and most pressingly Film Fest in the City next month.

As we enter the third term I would like to encourage you, whether you voted in favour of Essential Edinburgh or not, to become a company “member”. Any person who pays the BID levy within the area is eligible to apply for membership, which will enable you to vote at the AGM in November. Please email us on and we will send you a form for you to complete which will be put forward to the Remuneration and Nominations committee and then in turn to the Board of Directors for approval.

Thank you again to everyone that voted and helped make this a record-breaking result.

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