Business Plan 2018 – 2023


We are delighted to present the final Business Plan for the Essential Edinburgh renewal ballot 2018. Following extensive consultation with our BID businesses we have produced a robust and exciting plan for the next five year term of Essential Edinburgh.

You can view the full business plan online below or alternatively download as a PDF.


So what happens next? By 12th April the eligible voters for every businesses within the Essential Edinburgh BID should have recieved their ballot paper(s). Alongside the ballot paper we again provided the Business Plan as this is what each business base their votes upon.

The vote is a confidential postal ballot with a closing date of 24th May 2018 (5pm). There must be a minimum turnout of 25% by number of eligible persons and by rateable value, if at this time 50% or over of voting businesses by number AND total rateable value vote in favour, Essential Edinburgh will continue for another five year term, delivering the projects and initiatives within this Business Plan. If the vote is returned and is not in favour, all projects, initiatives, events, support and activities will cease on 30th June 2018.

We have also set up a dedicated renewal ballot website for you to keep abreast of the renewal progress, which includes all the information you will need throughout the renewal ballot process.

If you wish to see Essential Edinburgh continue to support city centre businesses to thrive, we encourage you to join the discussions and show your support using #BackYourBID on social media.

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