St Andrew Square Guidelines

St Andrew Square Guidelines

St Andrew Square Garden Event Guidelines

1.0 The premises can be used for the following activities (during Garden opening hours):

Public enjoyment and pedestrian access to and from public streets surrounding the premises
Public seating
Cultural festivals
Cultural events
Fashion events
Corporate events for any of the Landlords of the premises
Film location
Any other events that have a 70% majority agreement from the tenants of the Garden, so long as they do not have any uses of section 2

2.0 The Garden must not be used for any purpose that may cause excessive noise or nuisance to the surrounding businesses; the Garden must not be used for any of the following uses:

Staged events featuring amplified pop/rock music
Skate boarding/roller blading
Staged events featuring amplified recorded/piped music
Public meetings
Commercial sale of alcohol other than where ancillary to and consistent with a use permitted
Burger vans or stalls and/or fast food outlets
Any retail use other than where ancillary to and consistent with a use permitted

Management Rules for St Andrew Square Garden
43 St Andrew Square

In these Management Rules the following words have the meanings given to them: –

  • “The Garden Management” or “The Company” means Essential Edinburgh or its inheritor;
  • “The Garden” means the land in St Andrew Sq., leased by City of Edinburgh Council from the Proprietors around the Square and managed by the Company;
  • “Notice” means a notice or sign exhibited by order of the Company
  • The Garden is open to the public
    0800 – 1800 Mon to Sun
    0800 – 2000 Mon to Sun, May – August inclusive
  • The following acts are prohibited within the Garden or any building within the Garden unless the Garden Management’s written permission (which may be conditional or unconditional) has been obtained first to avoid giving annoyance to other Garden users: –
  • Failing to follow any directions given by a notice or by a representative of the Company;
  • Failing to remove a vehicle if asked to do so by a representative of the Company;
  • Allowing a dog to enter the Garden unless a Guide Dog;
  • Going on any enclosure, flower bed or planted area (or going on any area of lawn to which access is prohibited by a notice).
  • Depositing litter except in litterbins provided for the purpose.
  • Driving or using or leaving any motor vehicle in the Garden.
  • Going into or being in the Garden when it is closed;
  • Gambling or betting;
  • Selling of alcohol unless supplied by an authorised event in the Garden;
  • Consumption of alcohol unless supplied by an authorised event in the Garden;
  • Consumption of illicit drugs of any kind.
  • Making any public speech or holding any procession, parade, demonstration, rally or other public meeting;
  • Displaying or handing out advertisements or giving any display or performances;
  • Selling or trading of items or goods.
  • Playing or practising any games or engaging in any form of sport or exercise if asked by a Company representative not to or where prohibited by a notice;
  • Erecting any post, rail, fence, tent, pole, booth, screen, stand, swing or similar structure
  • Discharging or using any firearm, firework or other weapon or missile;
  • Climbing any tree, railing, fence or structure of any kind except play equipment
  • Attaching a rope or swing to any tree or structure or playing on such a rope or swing;
  • Camping or parking a caravan or motor caravan;
  • Lighting any fires or barbecues;
  • Wading in or polluting the water feature;
  • The operation of fairgrounds, circuses or other events.
  • Operating any mechanically propelled toy or model machine including model aircraft (so as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to any other person or if asked by a Company representative not to);
  • Riding a bicycle, tricycle, scooter, skateboard or roller blades This rule does not apply to children aged ten years or younger accompanied by an adult;
  • Busking or begging


  • Commercial photography or filming must be authorised in advance by the Company
  • No person shall wilfully obstruct, interrupt or annoy employees or agents of the Company in carrying out their duties
  • Any written permission required by these Rules must be shown on request to a Company representative.
  • The Company may decide to waive any particular Rule at any time.
  • A person who appears to have broken any of these Rules may be required to leave the Garden by a Company representative.
  • A person may be asked to leave the Garden for any other reasonable cause.
  • No person shall enter the Garden when requested not to do so by a Company representative or where prohibited by notice.